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The 'Footballs' down the side relate to the 25th, 40th & 50th Anniversaries and the '72/73' as our most successful season.
The celebrated, as well as the up and coming 70th Birthdays of club members.
A 'Where R U Now' section - showing the inevitable 'passage of time' !!
And finally, 'Old News', 'Extra Time' & 'Gallery', a quick jaunt through the memorable newsletters, photographs and news cuttings of our misspent youth !!
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Left to right:    

Back Row: Duncan Orde-Hume, Roger Wilmer, Keith Hollingsworth, John Dougherty, John Barling

Middle Row: John Harding, Dave Syrett, Martin Davies, Rod Montague, Tony Hudd, Mick Randle, Bob Edmunds, Pete Cannon, Steve Marshall, Malcolm Whitehead, Horace Lock (Chairman)

Front Row: Ian Wallis, Gary Howard, Paul Atkinson, Paul Tyas, Ron Horsford, Jim Parsons, John Atkinson, Richard Cannon, Tony Stocks, Steve Mucklow.

Grass: 1972/73 Winner's Shield